I am bored

2011-04-30 19:57:39 by WX

Yes I am bored indeed.

See full res here :D

I am bored


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2011-05-01 01:24:19

yes............ im bored too :/. Lets be bored together (>^.^)>


2011-05-01 06:27:58

Go make some flash.


2011-05-08 13:00:55

HAHAHA! Can you make a picture of camoer for me?
HAHAHA! Do that so you'll not be bored. (This is a request)
Well can you even Put lettering on it?
The lettering says "CAMPER"


2011-05-09 12:37:21

Heyy, dude someone had posted a video of your at youtube.
Better get it removed. :)


2011-05-09 21:30:49

Did you ever find the perfect song that you were looking for?

(Updated ) WX responds:

Yes. I don't know if it's perfect but I thought it kinda fit:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ck 5uA1RSFpc&feature=channel_video_t itle

The song is at the end


2011-05-10 20:51:56


What's next?


2011-05-20 22:17:07

Make another Counter Strike movie! You make the best ones!


2011-05-21 01:38:11

Why don't you make a CS movie where Hacker is back while Admin is dead. So the 2 teams have to work together to kill Hacker before they all die. Also make sure Hacker can clone himself but limit that. Plus make Newbie unleash a sudden power.


2011-05-30 07:13:50

Why not download some games from here: 3dshooterlegends.6x.to

On that website,you can download alot of games,full demo=Full version,you should read FAQ first.


2011-06-06 18:21:51

Meh i don't like those 3D animation's you make, trapped was the only one related to your old cs movies why can't continue making those series in 3D...


2011-08-04 20:41:23

make the second part of siege outbreak :3