Calling out to Sound Designers and/or Music Composers!

2011-08-08 15:49:09 by WX

Hi Newgrounders!

I am now a Youtube Partner. Now looking to create original content so I can monetize on my animations! I am looking to collaborate with any sound designers and/or music composers who can help me create original sounds and music for all my animations (which includes re-doing all my previous CS animations audio as well as new and upcoming ones).

Unfortunately I won't be able to pay you as I am only doing this as a hobby but I can promise you publicity and help promote your stuff!

Please send me a PM or email me if you are interested. It helps if you've done game sound effects and/or music for animators before :)

Calling out to Sound Designers and/or Music Composers!


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2011-08-08 18:41:42

you just became a youtube partnet... pity


2011-08-08 23:53:08

Don't listen to likitty, he obviously doesn't understand how important money is when you reach your 18+ and you got server costs to take care of, right? Congrats on the partnership!