Callout to animators!

2012-03-05 09:16:12 by WX

Hey there!

Flashdeck Animations is expanding! So many cool and funny ideas but not enough time to do it all. If you're an animator and want to work on some of the most popular Counter-Strike animations on the web (over 36 million views on Youtube), then this is your chance!

You will be working directly with me to bring life to the characters. I am looking for Flash Animators who have the following skills:

-Proficient in Adobe Flash CS3 (If you work in a higher version, you must save it as CS3 compatible)
-Decent animation skills
-Must be able to take direction well

Bonus points if:
-You love and play the game Counter-Strike
-You have a lot of experience animating stick figures
-You have a good understanding of character development

To get an idea of what style of animation you're expected to deliver, please watch DE_dust2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive trailer.

To apply, please send me an email with a showreel or examples of your best work. You can also send me a PM on Newgrounds, but I prefer emails. Hope to hear from you soon!



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2012-03-05 09:48:00

:( I'm beginner on stick animations

WX responds:



2012-03-05 11:10:04

Curse my amateur animation skills!!! DX

WX responds:



2012-03-05 11:29:11

good luck to ya mate

WX responds:



2012-03-05 14:34:56

I'm just another one of rather watching then making it guys. I suggest borrowing some of the animaton workers from Stick Page.


2012-03-05 16:31:24

yo WX sounds awesome! Is it paid employment? I'd be interested =)


2012-03-05 16:31:30

yo WX sounds awesome! Is it paid employment? I'd be interested =)

WX responds:

See PM


2012-03-05 19:05:15

i have good ideas yet no way to animate and learning how to code is NOT an opoiton :( i have some ideas that would look awesome as stick men


2012-03-05 19:56:16

I can animate more than sticks. Is that enough?


2012-03-05 20:12:33

You say this as if stick figures take a lot of dedication to direct.


2012-03-05 20:50:27

i`m learning to draw but i`m well enough that I can animate all sorts of things if I made animation for you what would you be paying


2012-03-06 12:26:05

Can't help out my self, but best of luck to ya mate :)

WX responds:

Thanks mate :)


2012-03-14 20:42:06

eh ill animate but i dont code (lol) also i use macromedia flash 8 pro not that but should i change to cs3? and will it cost me money?


2012-08-25 15:04:48

Can't help ya myself, but goodluck, by the way, are you gonna make another actual counter strike animation (Not outakes or shorts, but a actual match)


2012-12-10 12:09:40

Looking for a programmer for any interactive productions coming up?