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Kickstart the sequel to dust2!

Posted by WX - April 15th, 2013

Yeah, I know I've joined the Kickstarterwagon. But I can't afford to make this episode happen any other way. It's going to dig into 6 months of my time (full-time at least), so if you're a fan, I would appreciate any amount you can afford!

http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/flashdeck/de -dust2-hackers-wrath

If successful, it will be released on Youtube and right here on Newgrounds!

Kickstart the sequel to dust2!

Comments (26)

looking forward to it.

I'd give this getting 1000£ at most...

I think $10,000 is a bit much for a stickman flash animation.

I honestly don't really see the point in this kickstarter, it feels like you're trying to grab people's cash.
As much as i am a fan of the series i honestly feel like this would not be worth £10K.
Especially since you've made the previous episodes without any kind of kickstarter(s) either, as far as i am aware, anyway.
You wouldn't have to quit your job and work on this fulltime either that's just complete bullshit, and honestly your goal should be to get the aditional animators within the £10K budget rather than when you're over it.
But that's just my opinion, i suppose.
Good luck.

I'm gonna jump on the bandwagon here and say that it's ridiculous to ask £10,000 for a simple animation. Kickstarter is great for projects where you need to hire and pay people upfront or have to invest in expensive machines or software to create your product, not for a 1-man Flash animation.

For 10,000 I'd expect a feature film length movie.

Trying to milk a little bit too much aren't we?...

10k For a stick cartoon? not even feature length?... HA.

10K is too much ! 2K or 3K is better !

Are you using the majority of 10,000 pounds to pay all of your utilities?

I don't think you should quit your job. I love this series, but isn't 10k a lot for a flash animation? I am just asking. I will try my best to support you and good luck!

Dang, at this rate, it won't get to the goal. Needs more sharing power.

Now that was a fail starter

dude, wtf? I thought you, as a fellow creator, did these animations because you liked it and now youre asking for payment?

First off, I wont pay a dime since I dont believe it will be released, since you seem to lack the drive to finish it, afterall, youre asking for money..

Second, get a grip, if you dont enjoy doing the animations then quit.

Third, 10.000$, are you kidding me?

If you wont do it for free, then dont do it at all.
Im a huge fan but now im disappointed.

So now that the kickstarted failed what you just rage quit from the internet?

I can't wait!

You need here to put the trailer.

Hey if you are in England,maybe you can try to talk to an guy ho has many money,maybe he can give for you enugh money,or to your bos if you have company.

That DE_dust 2 Hacker's Wrath is Kickstarter is Here.

Shame this thing didn't make it. :/

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