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WX's News

Posted by WX - March 17th, 2009


I'll be releasing it on newgrounds in the next few days. Oh, and check out my UPDATED showreel while you're at it.

Leave a comment (that isn't related to whining about me not animating stick figures anymore!) and I'll respond to any questions asked :).

Oh and does Newgrounds accept movies with a resolution larger than 800x600? Because this one is 960x600...

The Forbidden Forest out now!

Posted by WX - February 28th, 2009

Hi all!

I've been working on a new non-stick animation, entitled, the Forbidden Forest that will be released in March (10th onwards I expect). It will also be my first release with my new wacom, thanks to Tom!

The story is about an archer's encounter with a beast in the forest, with "some" references and inspiration from Left 4 Dead. Here's a screenie!

New animation coming in March

Posted by WX - December 23rd, 2008

Been working on this new 3D character animation all week, so I thought I'd share with y'all here on Newgrounds. Its my entry to the 11secondclub animation competition this month, if any of you heard of it :).

Click here to watch!

Or click here to download/view in Quicktime.

Oh and I also got my Wacom today! Thanks Tom and I'll be releasing some new animations made with the Wacom in 2009 so look out for them :).


Posted by WX - November 14th, 2008

No. Just kidding. Lol.

I got alot of emails and requests saying "MAKE MORE!!!" and do more maps, etc.. its nice and all, but like I said before, DE_dust2 is the FINAL episode in the series. Why?

1. I spent my ENTIRE summer working on it, and believe you me, I almost died during production. I gave up over 10 times trying to motivate myself to keep animating, it wasn't easy. One of my major motivations was actually here on Newgrounds, I told myself "People will love it and hard work will pay off!". And what do you know, it did! So thanks to all the NG'ers for the support and love.

2. I don't have the time! Uni work is really piling in now that I'm in my 2nd year at uni.

3. It will be pretty damn hard to make a new one to top dust2 with mixed responses from people. Some people loved the character development and comedy in dust2 while some demanded faster paced action scenes. Some even demanded for more characters to be added in, which is just retarded imo... lol.

4. I'm moving on! I've proved to myself that I can animate sticks efficiently and consistently with all the animation principles at hand. I'm moving on to do 3D animations now :). You can view some of my 3D work at my site if you're interested.

Newgrounds has always been awesome to me, and I love it. DE_dust2 also grabbed the monthly award thanks to Tom's generosity. I can't wait to put that BADASS award certificate on my wall along with the dust2 poster :D.

Speaking of which, its time for a shameless plug! DE_dust2 posters are now for sale, A2 poster: $12, and A1 poster: $20! They really do look epic if I say so myself, especially the A1 sized ones, no kidding! For more details, follow this link:

http://flash-deck.com/animations/poste rd2.php

DE_dust3 - Its coming.

Posted by WX - October 6th, 2008

For those who don't already know (shame on you!), DE_dust2 was released on my site, www.flash-deck.com on the 3rd of October. So why are you still reading this jibberish? Go watch now and let me know what you think!

And despite popular belief, this isn't a 4 year production. My last CS movie was DE_aztec in 2004, I announced dust2 to be in production in 2005, but that never really took off. It was early January this year that pre-production began, so I'd say about 5 months of work.

It will be arriving at newgrounds late October, so look out for it then. :>

DE_dust2 out now!

Posted by WX - September 29th, 2008

It is finally done. Some of you have waited up to 4 years for this movie, and well now you are 4 days away. DE_dust2 will be released on flash-deck.com 3/10/2008 and will arrive at Newgrounds.com late in October.

Get yer popcorn ready for the final episode of the Counter-Strike series!

DE_dust2 3.10.2008

Posted by WX - August 1st, 2008

http://flash-deck.com/ to watch it!
http://flash-deck.com/walkcycle.php (direct link)

Who said it was easy to do walkcycles? Animation is underrated, sure everyone can get a stickman to slide across the screen but can they do so realistically? Animating = easy, animating it correctly = drives you nuts. There goes my rant on people thinking animation is easy... You don't know until you've tried.

Well anyways, I'm moving into doing 3D character animation and was wondering if the NG community welcomes 3D animated films in the Portal? As far as I know, Webcam / live action movies have made it through... (like Numa Numa) so why not 3D animation?

I'll be doing some 3D short movies after I finsih DE_dust2 so I'd like to know whether they would be welcome at NG. Comments please!

Posted by WX - June 18th, 2008

My site is finally up and running now, with a new layout and some never seen before animations. Worked very hard on it so please give it a visit and sign up at the forums :).

Oh, there are exclusive screenshots of DE_dust2 too, new ones coming very soon so keep checking back! :D


That's all for now, how'd everyone's day go?

Posted by WX - June 4th, 2008

Added a new banner for my newgrounds profile. Yayyyyyyy....

DE_dust2 is currently 1/8 minutes done. It might even last till 10 minutes, but I sure hope it doens't coz it's too much to animate O_o. I'm dedicating my entire summer (4 months) to animate this, 6 hours a day... What a life! :(

Estimated release date is October. A trailer will be released. Yayyyyyyy ....

Posted by WX - April 26th, 2008

I made this as part of my Uni's module of Introduction to 3D Animation, currently in my first year. What we had to do was animate a 25 second scene of a warehouse that contains alien bits and pieces and this is what I came up with...

to view it.

Tell me what you think!