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Flashdeck is recruiting!

2008-03-02 07:57:51 by WX

Are you a talented Designer/webmaster/coder?

Do you think your skills/talents are worthy of recognition?

Do you want to be part of the Flashdeck team?

Do you find these rethorical questions painfully excruciating?

Then look no further! Flashdeck is looking to recruit staff member(s)!

What I am looking for:
-Talented web designer to help with managing the website and general publicity. Looking for someone with experience with photoshop/dreamweaver and has the ability to make things look from good to fantastic and presentable.

-Talented webmaster who helps co-manage the site with alot of knowledge to share, including but not limited to advertising, administration and all sorts of jibberish. (This position is optional at the moment)

- Looking for someone who thinks they can code beyond the numbers of 010101 and contribute ideas and scripts for the website.

Why should you work for Flashdeck?
Because we all know how much its going to grow upon dust2's release and how awesome the site is going to be.

Benefits staff members get:
You get your own staff profile and can post frontpage messages on the website. You get to chat with WX on msn (Yesh, that is a benefit, lol). And other benefits may apply upon request.

z0mg! How do I apply?
Simply send me an email at wxpwnz [at] gmail.com with reasons why you think you qualify and preferably with work to show.


Send me a PM right here.

Thanks for your time :)

Flashdeck is returning!

2008-02-24 05:46:34 by WX

Got my new domain, flash-deck.com. The new site layout is still under construction but be sure to check it out and join the forum.

Keep checking to view details of my upcoming movie, DE_dust2. It will be epic.

DE_dust2 Coming Soon

2008-01-21 06:15:14 by WX

Please visit:


for the latest news and updates!